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Michael Corwin is a licensed private investigator and has conducted thousands of civil and criminal investigations in California and New Mexico since 1988. He spent several years working with Keith Rohman at Public Interest Investigations, Inc. before starting his own firm.

Corwin’s cases have been featured in the local and national media, including on an Edward R. Murrow Award winning episode of Dateline NBC. Corwin has been an in studio guest on the local television news as well. He has been interviewed for publication and served as a consultant in a variety of newspaper and magazine articles published in several states and as far away as Toronto, Canada.

He is a sought after speaker for seminars and training programs for attorneys and legal assistants on conducting non-statutory fact-finding  investigations.

Corwin is a regular guest instructor on conducting fact-finding investigations for the University of New Mexico Law School Clinical Program and has served as a guest instructor and advisor to the Clemency and Pardon Project at the University of New Mexico Law School. Corwin also served in 2008 as a guest instructor for the fact-finding investigation class at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California.

He was a candidate for New Mexico State Legislature in 2004. Since that time Corwin has provided investigation services in over 100 political races assisting candidates in city, state and federal elections.

Corwin previously authored a book on investigation written especially for professional investigators and legal professionals. It is one of four recommended reference books for the advanced certification program for the Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators.

Corwin earned his B.A. degree from the University of Florida.

About Me

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  1. -20+ years of experience in a wide range of litigation investigations

  2. -1000’s of investigations

  3. -over 100 political races

  4. - Published author

  5. - Regular instructor for    attorneys, legal assistants and law students.

  6. - Experience in working with a variety of media outlets